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The Texas Democratic Trust was launched in the fall of 2005 with a five year mission: to provide the strategic leadership and key financial resources for Democrats to rebound and rebuild in Texas, with the goal of holding a majority in the State House and capturing one or more statewide offices during the 2010 elections. Only by re-establishing competition between the two parties and electing new Democratic officeholders can we expect effective and responsible leadership to return in Texas.

The results of our efforts to date are evident. Since the Texas Democratic Trust began its work, Texas Democrats have made significant strides forward:

  • Texas Democrats have closed to within only two seats of a majority in the State House;
  • Texas Democrats have increased their margins in both the State Senate and the Congressional Delegation, winning in districts where partisan Republican redistricting gives Republicans an overwhelming advantage;
  • Texas Democrats have established a clear advantage in state urban centers like Dallas, Travis, Bexar and Harris County and are poised to realize even greater gains along our State's border;
  • In rural parts of Texas, strong centrist-minded Democratic State House and County officials continue to win in areas that otherwise favor Republicans;
  • And the Texas Democratic Party has established itself as one of the most effective and well-managed large state parties in the country.

One party Republican control has failed Texas badly.  Squandering the advantages of a large, strong and diverse population and a long history of legendary public servants like Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn, Lloyd Bentsen and Ann Richards, Texas Republican leaders have left Texas at, or close to, last on virtually every quality of life measure.  Texas Republican leaders promote the views and policies of the most extreme, narrow-minded and mean-spirited elements of the National Republican Party.

By supporting and contributing to the Texas Democratic Trust, like some of the top law firms in Texas, donors and political leaders can be assured that their investment is part of a proven, disciplined and well-managed political strategy to return responsible and accountable leadership to our State.



January 13, 2009

Democratic group lays groundwork for House change

If Republican Tom Craddick ever makes a list of people to blame for the fact that his tenure as Texas House speaker officially ends today, he should include a Washington-based operative who is leading the effort to remake the Democratic Party in Texas.

Matt Angle leads the Texas Democratic Trust, which since 2005 has poured millions of dollars into efforts to increase the staff of the state party and related groups, find credible candidates and pinpoint voters who might be sympathetic to the cause. The 87-63 majority that Republicans enjoyed in the Texas House in 2005 has shrunk to 76-74...

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