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Fred Baron founded the Trust in 2005 to help Texas. He was someone who inspired people in the Democratic Party to fight back and to fight back smartly.
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The Texas Democratic Trust was founded in September 2005 and has maintained a focused, singular purpose: to help elect Democratic candidates who will return sensible and responsible leadership to Texas. The Trust recognizes that Democrats have a responsibility to earn voters’ trust so that effective leaders can be elected to address the legitimate education, healthcare, and local security challenges in our State.

The results of the Texas Democratic Trust’s efforts in the 2006 cycle are evident – Texas Democrats gained ground in the U.S. Congress, the Texas State House and in key urban counties. For the first time in recent memory, Democrats conducted research and employed disciplined targeting to communicate effectively with voters and the media . The Texas Democratic Trust made sure that limited financial resources were deployed where most needed and that the efforts of the Democratic Party and allied organizations were coordinated and effective.

More than a dozen additional significant donors have joined the Texas Democratic Trust. We entered the 2008 cycle with the goals of continuing to strengthen Texas party organziations, realize further gains in the Texas State Legislature and win key urban county contests, particularly Harris County. With continued help from Texas Democratic Trust supporters, these goals are within site and reach.

Texas Democratic Trust Contact and Contributions

Austin, TX Office
505 W. 12th Street, Suite 204
Austin, TX 78701
Phone (512) 474-1059

Washington, DC Office
6 E Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Phone (202) 547-7610
Fax (202) 547-7610
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505 W. 12th Street, Suite 204 Austin, TX 78701. Matt Angle Treasurer
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